This month in the society meeting we will be having our industry movie night.
Tuesday October 20, 2020!!
So, grab your popcorn, milk duds and a soda, and let's watch some movies!!

Professor J Presents:


What if you didn’t have to go all the way to Orlando to visit one of the most magical places on earth? Well, according to Jarryd Thompson of Professor J presents- open mic, the magic is right here in our own backyard. The Bay area is brimming with talent. Local rapper and artist Jarryd Thompson, Professor J when on stage, took it upon himself to help create a family friendly space for local talent to have their skills put on display. The combination of talent, sheer determination and a partnership with Paul, owner of Java Kava Café, Professor J is shining a light in this COVID-19 darkness.

Experience is the best teacher, and where better for an artist to gain that experience than on a judgment free stage. For 15 minutes local talent like singers, comedians, poets, and screenwriters have the opportunity to come grow their craft and let go of all the worrisome stuff life can throw at them. Nicholas Avallone, a local artist who works with Jarryd, shared how his confidence as an artist has grown since working alongside Jarryd and performing at open mic. He feels that Professor J’s open mic “inspires a community feel.”

The superstars aren’t just in front of the lights. The audience is encouraged to participate with the performers. Jarryd voiced his desire for the audience to know “they are superstars just like those on stage, so come share your gift as well.” Check it out on Facebook; Professor J presents open mic @JavaKavaCafeLargo for more information and get your name on the list to come and show off what you got! With the current global events, we could all use a little bit more positivity. We have all had to adjust how we interact with each other and the world around us. Unlike other open mic venues, Professor J has created an experience like none other. This outdoor meeting of the minds is arranged to promote socialization while social distancing. Comfortable chairs and benches are surrounded by lush shrubbery and much appreciated floor fans to help keep cool amidst the humid Florida night air. Lights of blue, pink, and purple mix to create a visual backdrop that says ‘something extraordinary is about to happen’. Inside is the bar area. Java Kava Café offers a variety of drinks and food items to choose for purchase.

As a local artist myself, I can’t tell you how nice it is to have a space where other artists and friends can get together to support each other's projects. With his vast experience from live performances to recording and working on local independent film sets running sound and lighting, Professor J Presents with the skills to keep the people entertained for a long time coming!

By Chalee Blythe

Take 5 w\ John Williams

Recently I was able to sit with John Williams
of Paparazzi Filmz in Clearwater Florida
for this month's edition of TAKE 5. Where I sit down with a member of the local independent film industry to ask them 5 questions.

A co working space and so much more

Have you ever had an idea for a screenplay and knew filming it on your new phone wouldn’t cut it? Or, what about that new song you just wrote? You know, the hit single that’s going to take your career to the next level, but no one will hear it because your recording space just isn’t up to snuff. I have just the solution to your problem! InVision Creative Café, a local St. Pete creative co-working space and kava bar. The Bay area is saturated with places to connect people with resources to help foster and stimulate their talents. But, here’s why InVision Creative Café is perfectly postured above the rest to help you stay inspired to create and produce quality works of art.

Free, free, free! It’s not a typo. In October 2016 InVision Creative Café became the first of its kind in St. Pete offering free access to their WIFI and co-working space. Equipped with the latest Mac computers fitted with the full Windows suite and adjustable work desks to position yourself to the precise height, all are invited. Whether it’s to connect with colleges to work on a project, or simply to meet up with some friends and game in front of multiple big screen T. V’s on comfy couches, the staff is there to welcome you with a giant smile.

The next best thing close to free is very affordable. InVision Creative Café offers memberships with some pretty enticing perks. Ranging for $25-$60/month you’ll receive discounts on café food and drink options, VIP access to work stations, and free weekly recording and podcast studio usage. Check out their website at and their social media @invisionccafe for further details.

Any film maker knows that film equipment can be very pricy. Recreating the vision in your mind's eye has gotten that much easier with gear rentals provided at Invision. A director's candy jar, there is a full gallery of digital cameras, lighting and sound gear, and camera support equipment to choose from. Whether needed for a one-day shoot or a whole week, they have the gear to fit your needs. Ranging from as little as $10/day to as much as $50/day, your wallet will thank you! Furthermore, your final product will have that professional look you’re trying to capture in your work. According to Tea-Tender Dex M. Quintal, upwards of “90% of our business is generated form memberships, gear and studio rentals.”

Owner Mike Sheehan has done an incredible job taking his experience in music engineering and film making to creating a co-working space custom-tailored to artists and creatives alike. Just a short walk behind the building and up a flight of stairs is an additional space. Colorful murals painted by Mike with assistance from other local artists wrap the walls of a music recording studio with private lounge area. There is an art space with every color and supply and artist could imagine, and a podcast recording studio just waiting to receive you and all that creative energy. For an additional fee your tracks can also be professionally mixed and mastered by Mike.

Artists can be so sensory at times. If you’re like me, creating and working in an environment that stimulates all the senses is vital. Once a private residence turned business, Invision Creative Café is luminated by Edison bulb chandeliers; the backdrop of TV's and computers contrast with accents of wood and metal furniture. Natural oils diffusers perfume the room while sounds of community and like-minded energy exchanges fill the room. Consider this creative co-working space the next time you have a project and need a boost to get it done. Special thanks to local artist and photographer Jalisa Covington of Marie Lens for the awesome pics!

By Chalee Blythe

Tampa Bay Film Festival News

(April 29 - May 2, 2021):

Important Deadlines:
August 1, 2020 Opening Date
October 1, 2020 Earlybird Deadline
December 16, 2020 Regular Deadline
January 10, 2021 Late Deadline
January 31, 2021 Extended Deadline
February 22, 2021 Notification Date (Approximate)
April 29 – May 2, 2021 Event Date

Best Short Film, Best Documentary Feature, Best Documentary Short, Best Web series Short, Best Narrative Feature Film, Best Foreign Language Feature Film, Best Foreign Film Short, Best Animated Film Short, Best Student Short, Best Emerging Filmmaker Short, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Cinematography, Sunshine Award (presented by community leaders to the film most reflective of our community).

Link to submit your film and the list of entry fees by category and dates:

Many popular local film festivals have closed submissions for 2021 due to COVID-19, some have chosen to virtual festivals, and some have rescheduled 2020 film premieres.
Here’s links for the most popular festivals:


Films shown on March 19 and 20, 2021 at 10 PM at the Tampa Convention Center, 1200 N Westshore Blvd., Tampa, FL 33607.

Here's the website for more info:

NOVEMBER 6 - 15, 2020
Go to the Sarasota Film Society
for more info.

FREAKSHOW Horror Film Festival 2020

Link to all Florida Film Festivals:

By: Judy Wood

Message from the President

scholarship fundraiser

On behalf of the Tampa Bay Film Society, I would like to thank our generous Sponsors and Donors who contributed to our 2nd Annual Scholarship Award Fundraiser. I am happy to report, that we once again reached our goal of $1,000.00. Without your support, we would not be able to help a graduating high school media student further his/her education.

TBFS Promo

Tampa Bay Film Society Promo starring Shawn M. Goudard, Simmy Pappachen, Eric J. Harpel. Written by Shawn M. Goudard of Goudpappa Entertainment and Directed by John Williams of Paparazzi Filmz

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