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Message from the Vice President

We had a lovely Industry Night kick off in April. It was TBFS's first in person event since the pandemic and it was nice to see folks. Special Thanks to Staci at HIT Show Productions for making it happen.

Those who participated gave suggestions for the next Industry Night event. Keep the ideas coming. We need board members to execute. If you're interested in joining the board, let us know.

We have a goal of making 3 short films a year and we are looking for sponsors in which we can do product placement.

I made a short film during the summer of the beginning of the pandemic starring 2 of our board members Cha'lee Blythe and Judy Wood in which we had product placement from NOVA 535. Shout out to Michael Novilla for his support and generosity. Check out his book It's 5am Go Home. The film will premiere in May for Movie Night.

We will also be premiering The Hunting Trail by Henry Riley Productions in Maine on Movie Night in May. So come out, it'll be fun.

The Tampa Bay Film Society ended last year by teaming up with the founder of local film production/event company called Movie Buffs Productions. I co-hosted the Florida Film Premier of 1982, in Tampa, FL and had the privilege of meeting the famed Director Oualid Mouaness.

More on that from Judy Wood and Cha'lee Blythe. They both gave great interviews. Watch them on our YouTube channel. We have a web series called TAKE 5 where we interview those in the entertainment industry.

Movie Buffs Productions is also hosting the U.S. Film Premiere of FLEE on May 15th in Tampa, FL. Be sure to go see it. Let's encourage international talent to come to Tampa Bay.

That's right! We have a channel and we need content! Have an idea for a show? Join the Tampa Bay Film Society and be a part of making Florida a hot spot for entertainment. And one more thing John Williams is making kick @$$ reels for Actors.


Movie Buffs Productions & Tampa Bay Film Society


We are very pleased and excited to be hosting the 1st show of Flee in the US, a Lebanese work of art you don't want to miss on the big screen. This is a fundraiser event for the play cast and crew, all proceeds will go directly to help them continue performing during the current difficult times in Lebanon.

Hang tight for a Virtual Q&A with the play cast right after the show!

“Flee” is a theatrical performance of a play within a play, which sheds the light on two aspiring actors rehearsing and co-directing Ionesco’s “Hunger and Thirst”. While rehearsing, the two find themselves unconsciously inheriting their characters’ anxieties which transfuse into their own thoughts making them realize their irreconcilable differences and disrupting their project. As they are uncertain of their future plans, debating whether to flee or no to, the performance sheds the light on the trauma of alienation.

Adapted, Staged & Performed by:
Karim Chebli & Katy Younes

The backstory
In 2018, “Hunger and Thirst” brought Karim and Kathy together. They planned to stage the play and had chosen it at a time where buried anxieties were resurfacing in the midst of the political, economic, and social crisis. After translating and rehearsing the text, the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted Kathy and Karim’s initial plan. With all that has happened in the past years, the two artists decided to reinitiate their project and to integrate into their adaptation the rehearsal process, their personal fears, and their struggles as young artists residing in Lebanon.

*Tickets $10.

Tuesday, May 17th @
Starts at 7:00pm
2866 Roosevelt Blvd, Clearwater, FL 33760
Free for Members
$5 for Non-Members

Actors Reel

Wanna Act or an Actor that doesn't want to by typed cast? Get a professional reel made by John Williams of Paparazzi Filmz and show your versatility in high definition.

On Dec 11 2021, Shawn M. Goudard as VP and acting President of The Tampa Bay Film Society, co hosted the Florida Premier of 1982 with Shady Makary, the coordinator of the event and the founder of Movie Buffs Productions. The film 1982 was directed by Oualid Mouaness. 1982 has won accolades and has been featured in the official selection of the Cannes Ecrans Juniors, the prestigious youth sidebar of the Cannes Film Festival. Oualid Mouaness is known for producing seminal music videos with artists David Bowie (The Stars & The Next Day), a video-record and an Emmy Nominated live concert performance for Annie Lennox (Nostalgia). Other music video works include Lana Del Rey, Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, N.E.R.D, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Gnarls Barkley, Keith Urban, Rihanna, and Lady GaGa among others.


I was honored to interview director Oualid Mouaness. I’ve always been a film buff and can’t remember the last time a film captured my attention and rendered me speechless. By far the most ethereal film worthy of the Best Film awards earned thus far.

1982 was filmed from the innocent eyes of 10-year-old children on their last day of school while sonic booms are heard and felt during the war in Beirut. Their schoolteachers were seen from the mature eyes while assuring the children and keeping them safe from harm. I could clearly see through the children’s and adult’s eyes and each actor became their character.

The common thread throughout Oualid’s film is unconditional love expressed in subtle behaviors of those on screen. His use of cinematic shots and quick cuts through the trees and the elusive expressions of first love as seen through Mohammad Dalli’s character Wissam’s are captivating as Nadine Labaki’s character, schoolteacher Yasmine’s grief and impending doom masked by her love and concern for the children in her class. Gia Madi’s character, Joanna is quietly understated as she tries to solve the mystery of who leaves love letters in her locker. The reflective quality of the swimming pool and the uncommon arrival of pigeons landing inside the school were beyond description as I found myself literally inside the film as an observer. Prepare yourself for a bigger-than-life ending. A must-see film on the big screen for all ages to embrace.

Film Review of Director Qualid Mouness’ 1982 By Judy Wood

Take 5 w\ Oualid Mouaness

1982 by director Oualid Mouaness and Movie Buffs Productions Shady Makary. Actor,/Singer Cha'lee Blythe had the opportunity to have an in depth interview with the duo. They are doing great things!

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On behalf of the Tampa Bay Film Society, I would like to thank our generous Sponsors and Donors who contributed to our 2nd Annual Scholarship Award Fundraiser. I am happy to report, that we once again reached our goal of $1,000.00. Without your support, we would not be able to help a graduating high school media student further his/her education.

TBFS Promo

Tampa Bay Film Society Promo starring Shawn M. Goudard, Simmy Pappachen, Eric J. Harpel. Written by Shawn M. Goudard of Goudpappa Entertainment and Directed by John Williams of Paparazzi Filmz

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